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Jones and Thomas Helps AgriGold's GIANT Corn Hybrid Stand Out from the Competition--and Win Agri-Marketing Product of the Year Award




AgriGold, a leading seed corn provider, developed a line of genetically enhanced, high-performing hybrids that, in the field, were outperforming most other products on the market. As a result, this line of hybrids needed to be differentiated from the other AgriGold products and stand out to potential new customers.

Primary Goal:

Create a unique identity for this product line that would position it above and apart from other hybrids on the market. Then use this positive brand identity to create immediate interest and trial.

Marketing Solution:

Jones and Thomas began by creating a brand identity for the product lineup. “GIANTS” communicated the unique advantages of these hybrids, and the large footprint created as the visual identity communicated this concept forcefully and immediately.

To introduce the GIANTS line, Jones and Thomas developed an integrated marketing program, consisting of:


GIANTS hybrids have sold out every year since their introduction, and the identity is currently being expanded into new hybrids for 2011 season. In addition, the GIANTS line of hybrids and its marketing communications campaign were named 2010 Product of the Year by Agri-Marketing News, a leading industry publication.