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Jones and Thomas Develops Integrated Marketing Campaign to Launch DICKEY-john Handheld Moisture Tester--Doubling Sales Forecast


mini GAC®


In 2007, DICKEY-john was poised to introduce the mini GAC®, a handheld moisture tester that was far superior to any comparable product on the market. It did, however, carry a premium price. The integrated campaign that would launch this product followed a two-year branding effort that had reinvigorated and strengthened the overall DICKEY-john brand.

Primary Goal:

Create immediate demand and sales for the mini GAC.

Marketing Solution:

Specific elements behind the introduction of the mini GAC included:

After the initial product launch, a video on the mini GAC was produced for use on the web site.


The success of the campaign can be measured by the sales results, which doubled the sales forecast. In fact, the manufacturing plant needed to add a shift to keep up with production.