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Jones and Thomas Helps Independent Professional Seed Association Improve Members' Operations and Communications


Independent Professional Seed Association


Independent seed companies face increasing pressure in a consolidating market. Yet these independent companies provide their customers with many unique advantages. In order for them to continue to survive in this market, it is important that they continue to meet the needs of farmers in ways that only a true independent can.

Primary Goal:

Ensure that members of the Independent Professional Seed Association (IPSA) structure their operations and communications to meet the needs and wants of a significant group of farmers, so the independent seed companies can remain viable in the market.

Marketing Solution:

Jones and Thomas conducted and filmed a series of personal, one-on-one interviews with farmers at the Farm Progress Show. These interviews provided great insight into the wants and needs of farmers.

The information garnered at the Farm Progress Show was combined with existing quantitative data to develop an integrated presentation for IPSA members. This presentation was made by Jones and Thomas at the annual IPSA conference, which a majority of members attend.

Because all the one-on-one interviews were filmed, we were able to integrate video into the presentation. This helped the presentation resonate very strongly with the independent seed companies, because they could see and hear farmers’ actual comments.

Following this presentation, Jones and Thomas also moderated a series of breakout sessions whereby this information could be discussed at greater length, in order to provide these companies with the input that they needed.


Attendees responded very positively to both the presentation and the breakout sessions, as indicated in a post-conference survey. More importantly, IPSA used this input to enhance their operations and communications.